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Bournemouth Hilton

Late in 2014 I was approached by Ted Baker to produce a mural for the reception of the new Hilton Hotel in Bournemouth. The theme for the reception area was Poole Pottery, a collection of which was to be installed in the front of the reception desk.

I decided to use Poole Harbour as the subject and to refer to the colours and forms of some of the pottery pieces in the work. I spent a couple of weeks exploring the harbour, to photograph and sketch it. What a great place, the second biggest natural harbour in the world, alive with boats coming and going, the old town of Poole and the smart houses at Sandbanks, but mostly, and gloriously, the inaccessible wetland areas,  havens for wildlife, teeming with birds. I joined the RSPB on the Arne peninsula and learned the joys of sitting in a hide.

I produced the image digitally, using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, bringing together bits from different observations. I'll never forget the squally November morning when I got to wander among the grazing Brent geese.

After testing for colour and resolution the mural was printed on a vinyl canvas and installed. The seagull lights were not my idea but I like them. The hotel is now open to the public.